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let's clarify here :

>>>>>> context. ---------<<~

there are plenty of sites that provide factual information. we recommend the below for a good combination of timeliness, accuracy, and design.


we have no intention of duplicating their work; they distribute news, not merely adequately, but better than we ever could.

this is a site of pure opinion. there's a reason that our entire staff is composed of editors—we write editorials. our intent, as originally enunciated, was to provide context for the flow of data that usually arrives with no appreciation for its meaning beyond the factual. we try to take that data, collate it with larger trends, and see what it means when placed against the backdrop of the otaku community, and even against american (since we are all u.s.-based) or japanese (since we are all otaku) culture in general.

it's been said for years now that one of the emerging trends in the web is companies with the sole aim of integrating the data at the disposal of everyone. there's so much of it now, so much free information, that it requires specialized training, dedication, and a lot of time to make use of it.

opinionated is not a bad word. reviewers are opinionated by trade. a good review is opinion that marshalls facts in its defense.

also, we have no deadlines, at least no public deadlines. we work hard to write good articles slowly, or else we work hard to write bad articles quickly. there is no middle ground, and there are precious few exceptions. to write mediocre articles at a middling speed would be simply ridiculous.

we have broader interests than many give us credit for. anime is, at its best, a highly aware medium. witness lain. watch eva, or kodocha, or perfect blue, or x or utena. watch otaku no video.

a site like this is necessary to help focus those interests. otaku, coordinated by email and outrage, brought down nelvana's voice and email messaging systems, remember? we could be a true force for the good of anime, with a bit of luck and interconnection.

so stop reading this and write something to contribute. i'm sorry to have gone on so long. go away, do something useful. ^_^

mata ne,