nirgilis concert


Going to see Nirgilis was -- well, it was amazing. Like seeing that they've made it big and still retained that pure joy of making music, of pulling the crowd with them through sheer childish exuberance. The lead singer, with her oversized t-shirt. Their casual laptop mixing. Their slices of surprising anime videos. It was all so pure, with a raw power to it. (And they seemed so happy and excited. I wanted to say, "like a high school band", but that sounds totally wrong.)

The opened the show with a music video in the style of propaganda for the Principality of Zeon. As a Federation man, this was a problem for me. I felt deep in the enemy camp, in a steel cage because I needed to take photos. It was so odd, being so alone in the middle of so many people, and so odd that I should be so moved by a simple video. Only someone who'd grown up with the medium could have made such a thing, or felt such an effect.

They played a bunch of their anime openings next -- Snow Kiss from D. Gray Man, Shiny Shiny from Deadman Wonderland. I loved the way they used their laptops. I don't even know why. It felt like they were building the song anew each time, unique. Just for us.

But for me, the best part was the remix of Sakura from Eureka 7. It's the fourth opening, and the mood of the story at that point fits the song. I'm pretty sure that everyone there had seen the anime. Everyone reacted on cue. The full peak of her voice mixed with everyone jumping up and down in a complete immersive sensory experience, and it was a moment to savor.