Petit Eva @school @Fanime

In which we uncharacteristically attend a panel.

I only have one thing to talk about this Fanime -- I mean, it was a great con. Everything went well, I had a lot of fun, the organization was as close to impeccable as it's going to get. It was a great con and you should have been there. (You probably were. It was busy.)

But, as I said, only one thing to talk about, and that was the Petit Eva panel, with HAMAMOTO Ryusuke.

We've been wondering about panels for a while now, truthfully. As we emphasized the social aspect of the con, we moved away from focusing on the events. Nowadays, entire cons go by when I never step into a panel, never go to a video room. The entire thing takes place in the hallways and hotel rooms. So the fact that he was able to fill a panel room was encouraging in itself.

And it was a neat panel. Energetic, fun, punctuated with personal anecdotes. He connected his computer to the projector and did a live drawing session, talking about his process the whole time. He also tossed in the occasional comment on his desktop, talking about the tools he used and the stuff he liked about them. Then he pointed to the Minecraft icon and said, "And before I go to bed, Minecraft". We all followed along as he drew an illustration, sketching out Shinji, Rei, Asuka, and Unit 01. Very cute. Very Eva.

There was a little time for Q&A. One question really stood out -- it was "how did you get the job of drawing the new Eva manga?" and Hamamoto-san's response was that his editor asked him to. So the questioner said, a little disappointed, "So you weren't really a fan?" and Hamamoto-san looked indignant, leapt to his feet and pointed at his T-shirt, which said "Shinji, Rei, Asuka, & Mari". One of us. We always knew it.