Pumping it up.

Have to admit -- in my years of attending anime conventions, I'm not sure I've ever been captivated by anything for so long and so debilitatingly as by Pump It Up.

I've played it before, of course. I used to be quite, not good, never good, but more athletic than I am now. But I've never had the newest machine, on free play, with a supportive crowd.

But that's exactly what PMX had. I got this story in heaves and pants, between rounds, from a gentleman who was drenched in sweat. Apparently he'd gotten them, through sorcery I could not comprehend, to convince Andamiro to lend the event a machine. Part of World PIU Fest. They had a tournament, and now it was free play.

So I played, and it's demoralizing to see one's own physical degenration. I blame the office job.