About the News Aggregator

The anime news aggregator attempts to fill in a void that has remained unfilled longer than it reasonably should.

With the proliferation of anime news sites & information sources on the web, it has become clear that it is very difficult to check all of these websites on a semi-regular basis. The aggregator seeks to resolve this by bringing together a number of sources under one page for easy viewing.

Presently, the aggregator is limited to sites that either provide an RSS feed or contains enough useful information that we have coded an RSS feed generator for them. If you have a site that you would like to see on this page, and if they provide an RSS feed with date information, then please contact us through our about us page to let us know.

Note that many of the items on these pages are duplicates. This is normal, as many news items typically get reported across multiple sources. Since this page is automatically generated, there will be no dupe-checking to remove such items. It is up to the reader to discern which items are duplicates and which are new.

This aggregator is provided as a free service by i360.com for the anime fan community. If you really want to show your support for this aggregator, visit the news sites we pull from and use their affiliates. They will appreciate it!

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the anime news aggregator is provided as a free service of i360.com.

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