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what is lain to you?

lain. . .

heroine of the wired's fairy tales.

it's easy to say, 'i always loved you, lain'. even easier to mean it.


lain is just one of those anime.

i remember before i'd ever seen it, when the only description i had was, 'like eva, but much much weirder.'

there's a certain compensation to being a reviewer. . . i can authoritatively denounce that description. oh, it is much weirder, much weirder, no question. but it's not really like eva.

it's not better, or worse. they both simply are.

and around them form religions.

watch lain.

i make that request of everyone, simply because it is lain. the lain, if you will. the animation is stylish, surreal, and ultimately beautiful. the plot is stunning (i mean that quite literally, much as i'd say it of eva.) the music is great. character development is admittedly almost nonexistent, but that's part of the story. . .

what i said before i meant. . .

let's all love lain.

have you ever seen the lain?

the thing you don't remember is the thing that didn't exist.

rewrite the record.

fulfill the prophecy.

i don't come here because i want to.

god is here.

who's lain?

let's all love lain!

smile back

be funny to. . .

laugh out version

lain did not know it / lain will guide you.

everything will be a game for children.

the nether world is filled with the dead.

where. did. her. tears. go?

there is only one truth.

make me sad,
make me mad,
make me feel alright?

there are always pools of blood in the shadows.

don't worry i will always be myself

which is real shadow me or you?

think bule count one tow

there is only one truth.

close the world, open the next.

this is the last of this series

to Be continued. . .