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columns —rants and raves, served weekly.

from our high horse to the viewers.

events!  wai!events —conventions, concerts, etc.

future content will be placed here.

dragonfest 2004 —anime at a martial arts con?

no, but like we care. pics too.

ani-magic 2004niwa no akiyume

cosplayers gather in So. Cal.

anime vegas 2004 —in the middle of the desert

an anime oasis

nisei week 2004 —cultural unity

a story in pictures

anime expo 2004 —party time!

the beginning of the year for anime fans

pacific media expo 2004 —asian media on showcase

did they really have to run it against fanime?

e3 2004 —gaming heaven

a historic year

recca con 2004 —the college convention experience

what it must have been like back in the day.

anime overdose 2004 —small con, great con

what we wish a lot of cons could be like.

japan expo 2003 —the cultural fabric that binds

pictures: jason, loy, jeff

ani-magic 2003 —fun with costumers

why nishi-kun shouldn't be let loose

nisei week 2003 —63rd annual cultural celebration

bit interesting, bit lackluster, but still fun

anime expo 2003 —convention as trade show, redux.

come with me in the twilight of a summer night for a while. . .

fanime 2003 —later than usual this year.

but we still had a blast, so to speak.

e3 2003 —sorry, only pictures at this point.

view jason's or aldo's pics.

loy's first amv —how vhd + belmont spells success.

don't even think about x to fancy lala.

battle royale ( book ) —if we can't trust anyone, we'll lose.

"i'm sorry. i was also trying to kill you."

xenosaga - "der wille zur macht" —the highly anticipated rpg.

jeff-kun's 40-hour fascination explained.

yaoi-con 2002 —finally presented, the long delayed report

how cons should be done.

anime jungle winter 2002 —last pictures of the year

a christmas gift to otaku.

japan expo 2002 —from tokyo to los angeles.

culture, merchandising, and cosplay.

ani-magic 2002 —cosplayer's paradise

3rd year in the middle of nowhere

miyazaki at spirited away —the master in los angeles.

a dub premiere to remember.

comic world 2002 —a short distraction.

though i wish the pictures were better.

anime jungle contest —cosplay and karaoke, all in one.

cool costumes on a hot summer day.

sd comic-con 2002 —adventures of the mini-jason.

shinkai makoto as an otaku among otaku.

anime expo 2002 —our favorite july 4th activity

crowds galore, and so much more.

battle royale ( movie ) —the ultimate in reality tv.

wherever you are, for all you're worth. . . run!

fanime 2002 —relax, relax!

now with more karaoke!

always listening —the future of dubbing.

karekano producer's journal.

con survival —c-chan can't cook.

'if you kill it, you must eat it.'

'online storage' —now with more fan service.

our thoughts on the fserve of doom.

tokyopop shop closes —retail is doomed.

tokyopop (we'll learn to love them.)

utena movie review —i liked the old subtitle script.

i still think fansubs are usually better.

2001 in review —continue? yes/no.

2002, here we come.

con survival —get stuffed.

c-chan's budget-free dining guide

otaku rating —road map.

I think we're about at level eight. . .

ec-chan's quest | p1 —desolate wasteland.

Otaku have a natural habitat. Kansas isn't it.

whither otaku? —it's time to change a definition.

'Otaku culture may look small, but it's very diverse'

ax2001 —big, yes. important? maybe. . .

You, me, and at least 5000 newbies.

megatokyo —don't worry, piro

You don't suck. really.

baycon —isn't that special?

If it's all the same to you. . .

e3 2001 —gamers of the world unite.

And i still don't know what it means.

(so-called) role-playing games —the genre's not what it used to be.

Take final fantasy viii. please.

fanime 2k1 —because you demanded it!

Score one for the culture.

FLCL —do you speak english?

Gainax as a distributor

napster —thanks for sharing

Wherever you go, we are all connected.

dreamcast —on console diversity.

Chu chu rocket — Save the mice.

animagic —you like small cons. . .

Happy otaku family. Really.

final fantasy 9 —demo day in san francisco.

Watch the BlkMage.

otakon —these are a few of those anime things. . .

Why is your hair like that?

comicon —i forget that we're otaku.

Blue sky complex. . .

chibi world —it's a small world after all.

Thoughts from the creator of it's a chibi world on his music video.

anime expo —save us, chair!!

Fun with disney (running with scissors.)

subs v. dubs —the argument at the heart of the american anime industry.

Kareshi to Kanojo no Kansou (His and Her Thoughts [I hope])

stereotypes —what "they" think anime is... isn't.

A brave outsider tells her view.

anime expo —feeding the rumor mill

One thing to be said about it. . . It certainly keeps us journalists busy. ^_^

e3 —yes, video game people are otaku too. ^_^

Our trip to the wilds of e3. . .

problems —everyone's got them. but us more so.

You know you've wished for those ki blasts. . .

fanime —i shall not cease to fiddle while you burn

Well, at least i had fun.

fansubbing —what do you mean, 'licenses?'

Our favorite quasilegal otaku activity!

[ white papers ]

Where we've been as otaku, and where we're going. Words to the community.

Where we try to figure out what's important. Whether we are a community in the first place. What is this, that we should all be here?

These are difficult questions.