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if you heard anything else interesting, email me . ^_^

the first rumor i heard on friday, at maybe 10 or 11, from a staffer in video room 3.

'the disney people are going through the video rooms, pulling anything in the least hentai. one room was shut down completely, and disney staffers are looking at our tapes and pulling based on the covers.'


i heard one entertaining rumor that said disney had taken our x print.

'disney planned this all along, you know. disney always knew we would show some hentai. a lot of disney animators watch anime. they know what it's like, and they know that their profits are in danger. they were scared of anime and wanted to discredit it.' —anonymous staffer.

'disney staffers are going to the rooms in groups of three, dressed in black, looking very serious and in a really bad mood.'

'we're hoping the utena movie stays for the second showing. it was really popular, everybody who got in loved it, but these disney security guys came in during the worst two parts. they didn't look happy with that bath scene. . .' [ ed. note : it stayed after all. ^_^ ]

'any dealer selling mononoke hime merchandise will on the spot be asked to leave.'

'disney also cut mononoke hime, kenshin ova, and knights of ramune. . .'


[ loy's comments ]

Apparently, one dealer, a hentai dealer to be more exact, sold a minor some pornographic material. The dealer did not ask the person for ID of any sort. When the minor brought the merchandise back to his parents, they saw and they were not to happy about this. So the parents went to the Anahiem Police and they came down to the convention. When Disney heard the police were here, they ordered all "questionable material" to be removed from the exhibit hall. "Questionable material" did not only mean hentai. I saw 1/1 scale models of some guns being removed from the exhibit hall showroom. Due to this event, Himeya Soft, Doki Media, and Kitty (Media-Blasters hentai label) were all removed and their money was refunded.

'disney's going through the art show, too, and having certain works removed. . .'


[ from megazone ]

Ok - now this asshole decides to cover his ass, so he fingers other dealers that carry porn. One of them, which deals only in hentai, gets all irrate and declares he has 1st ammendment rights and *he* DEMANDS the cops be summoned. So they are. NOW the *cops* are involved, and they aren't very sympathetic. They informed asshole #2 that 1st ammendment rights DO NOT APPLY ON PRIVATE PROPERTY! This all comes to a head after dealer room close on Friday.

[ asshole #2 would be j-list. there was an asshole #1. that would be jhc . apparently one of the police involved also worked in the child pornography branch of the local police department, by the way. . . ]

( i actually saw a lot of people with a simplified, but substantially correct version of events. )

'the dealer involved wasn't even selling hentai. . . some of it wasn't even japanese. . . just straight old-fashioned american pornography.'

[ from ungdiftf ]

Disney told Viz to pull Ranma stuff off their shelves or leave. Viz gave them the corporate way of telling them to go screw themselves and feel free to try and sue them. (Viz is backed by a bigger corporate entity and have no problems with taking on legal lawsuits.) Viz then shortly showed them the door and basically told them to not get hit by the door on the way out.

The next day, Viz defiantly put more Ranma stuff at their booth to annoy Disney. (I can just see a Viz staff pulling down a lower eyelid and sticking their tounge out at Disney.)

[ our quasi-official position ]

jhc started it, by selling hentai to minors and fingering other dealers. j-list finished it, by calling in the police, saying 70% of anime involved children and sex, and by refusing to budge. jhc was expelled. j-list refused to leave, facing the dealers' room staff with the choice of using the police to expel them or of letting them stay.

j-list stayed.

himeya, doki doki, viz, etc. were not at fault. disney was not at fault. ax was not at fault. we recognize the good intentions of everyone except jhc development and j-list.