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in the lair of the mouse. . .

Anime Expo this year is held at the the disneyland hotel and convention center.



first day's over and done with. now i'm going to dress as daigo!

but of course, you people could care less how i cosplay. this is an article, after all. ^_^ it's too early for me to have anything other than first impressions of AX, but at the moment i'm pretty annoyed at disney. they've threatened one of my friends.

he's dressed as doc ido from gunnm, spiked rocket-hammer thingy and all, and since disney's been closing our video rooms, he impaled a mickey mouse doll on the spike. disney reacts by bringing him aside—really aside, far away from his friends with the press—and telling him to either remove the mouse or be thrown from the park. (not precisely what they said, but approximately right.)

ridiculous. disney should at least appreciate why we're so angry, give some leeway.