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Raijin Comics Girls.  See Raijin Comics Gallery for larger image.Anime Expo 2002 Image Gallery

The eye of i360.com (no pun intended) was roving around the halls of the Long Beach Convention Center, the Hyatt, and the other event venues of the convention, looking for something nice to capture for the rest of time. We'll try to put some of our better material here. The galleries are being built up incrementally, and we expect to have most of the pictures up here by July 16th or so.

Fanboys and fangirls, please refrain from drooling on the monitor. ^_^ As for the rest of you, please do not use these images on your site without our permission. It wouldn't be nice. Don't make us send Faye out after you. ^_^

To get permission to use these pictures for your own purposes, please send an email to staff@i360.com, okay?