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quick thoughts on a martial arts convention

So why would anime fans end up at a martial arts convention in costume? Because a martial arts convention actively tried to push itself as an anime/sci-fi convention. So why would the convention do such a thing? No idea.

But that's irrelevant. When in Rome, you don't need to do what the Romans do, right?

It can be said that the only thing that's needed for a successful anime gathering is a bunch of fans who like anime getting together. Logical, right? So what happens when these fans gather... at a martial arts convention? Well, at least now we have the answer with Dragonfest.

Yes, there was a fair share of non-martial arts related guests, but by far, the majority of the booths were martial arts related. So how do anime fans survive a convention for which they were apparently courted, in which there pretty much is no anime-related content? You band together, and make the fun for yourself.

So maybe the cosplayers didn't quite fit in with the overall theme of the event. But they still managed to have a good time, it appears. And from the small but amused crowd at the cosplay contest, it appears that perhaps there were at least a few there in the same boat. The convention didn't really deliver on it's promises of levels filled with stuff for anime and sci-fi fans, but people can still manage to make a good time of it all anyway.

For now, hope to see you at another convention, and enjoy a small handful of shots taken at this one.

(And for the record, no, I didn't shake hands with Banzai's Mr. Shake Hands Man, Tadao Tomomatsu, who was there [and will also be at Anime LA], nor did I buy a signed ladle from The Soup Nazi himself, Larry Thomas, also there. But at least I was paying enough attention to notice. ^_^;;)

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