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i write this to show i can be useful.

the thing to remember about fanime, no matter what happens, is that people there actually sang along with the kare-kano opening theme. even if the rest hadn't been wonderful, that would have made it all worthwhile. that, though, was truly spectacular.

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i had so much fun. i came into the hotel on thursday at about noon. no one was there. i waited around, and the staff started trickling in an hour after the con was supposed to start. . . (this was my first sign that even by otaku standards, this was disorganised. it wasn't my last.)

anyway, i had no money. i was planning to cajole my way into volunteer crash space, beg, borrow, steal, etc. but after i helped them set up that first day, i was instantly promoted to staff, and i got to stay in the video ops room. . . that was fun because it was where they were storing the videos for the con, so there were about 250 tapes in there at any given time. so that was the first day. i got myself a place to sleep, watched otaku no video (a recurring theme. . . at the end of the con, for the sake of authenticity, we watched otaku no video on beta. ^_^ )

the second day. . . they were short on generals. i got another spot promotion. ^_^ being a general meant that, although i worked eight-hour shifts, i didn't have to stay in the video room the whole time. . . i just had to oversee peons. (overseeing peons is one of the unsung joys of anime conventions. you get neat little administrative tools, like the dimensional hammer. ^_^ ) eventually, since i had no badge, steve, one of the division heads, loaned me his. . . i went, in two days, from not going, to attending, to staff, to general, to steve! (as i was to joke in the next couple of days, if i was one of the organisers, it explained a lot. especially since i'd only found out about the con's existence the week before.)

looking back, it's amazing how much i missed. i saw hardly any of the guests of honor, missed screenings right and left, didn't get to the masquerade, only went to the dance for a half-hour, etc. it was terrible.

but they showed kare-kano. that was the one thing that i could never let myself miss.

scary, isn't it?



you may dream
masshiro na
koi wa tsubasa ni naru tenshi no yubikiri kanau youni. . .

me no mae wo
sugiru yokogao
tokimeki ga odori hajimeru
hanasu koe
mimi wo kakamuke
mata hitotsu
anata wo shitta
kono sukoshi yuuki dashite
sono hitomi wo mitsumetai

you may dream
masshiro na
koi wa tsubasa ni naru tenshi no yubikiri kanau youni. . .

tenshi no yubikiri