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fanime 2002

It was a much better con, overall, than last year's.

As far as i know, no major disasters occurred. The video staff did not, by and large, perish in flames. (We even slept a little bit.)

There were some neat panels.

The dealer's room wasn't bad.

What really strikes me about Fanime, though, is how unremarkable it seemed. It lived up to its name. It was by fans, for fans. At the end of the last day I looked at my friends and thought to myself, 'we are all such otaku.' There weren't any major announcements or big premieres. It was a social con, where even the guests were otaku. (One of the high points, for me, was watching Akai-san watch Otaku no Video.)

The staff worked hard, did well, and put on a good con.

(Actually, I was kind of surprised. I went into the whole thing thinking we were doomed.)

The cosplayers were surprisingly good and plentiful. Look at the pictures.