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Ec-chan, from Kansas

I used to live in Southern California, where anime stores are plentiful and otaku roam wild and free. Now i live in Kanas, where things are. . . a bit different. So I have a quest, to find what anime there is to find, and see if otaku truly can survive in the harsh Midwest. This is my first dispatch.

The amount of anime out here is minimal. It is almost impossible to find even wall scrolls or anime keychains, and anime stores like the ones in L.A. remain a far-off dream. There's very little to support my addiction as an otaku.

I know there are otaku here, though. I ran into several in my search. Several of them are from the anime club at KSU (Kansas State University.) The club's web site is at http://www.ksu.edu/anime . The club is kind of disorganized, just like almost anything run by otaku. ^_^ It reminds me of the anime club at my high school, where we made elaborate plans for showings every week and always ended up watching whatever anime we happened to have on us that day. They aren't quite that far behind, but they're pretty close. . .

The only real sources of anime are major chains, like Suncoast or Sam Goody's. Blockbuster also has a little. I'm hoping that the anime club has a good tape library. And, of course, there are always digisubs. ^_^

For now,
Ec-chan out.