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hey piro! you don't suck!!

of course we read megatokyo around here. . . sometimes the sheer insight it displays makes me want to curl up into a little ball, take down this entire site, and become a fangirl.

i blush to admit it, but i originally was terribly embarrassed to link to them. i can't match their offhanded brilliance, and it's only natural to try to avoid inviting direct comparison that way.

but i knew i had to do a banner for them someday. eventually i did, putting it in the banner list with no publicity at all. i felt a little better, a little less guilty. and whenever i clicked on it, piro was always humble, and largo was always. . . random. . . and together they were the ideal otaku. i think most of what they write could be about any of us, and they're only talking about themselves as examples. it's insightful. . . and pretty. . . and (understatement follows) funny.

and besides. . . i've gotten a lot from megatokyo over the last year. piro's wrote a while back:

. . .a sense of the fact that I really was getting thru to people. It's not an experience i ever thought i'd feel, and i don't think it's one many people experience.

we're listening, piro-san.

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