I am terrible at blogging

In some ways it’s my favorite medium, but I really am absurdly bad at blogging.

So my plan was to go to Japan, set up a quick site, blog extensively. That didn’t really happen. I have got a bunch of entries written, but my choice of Hugo as the backend has led to a few snags. (I’m not saying other choices wouldn’t have caused issues of their own. It’s fundamentally unknowable, as far as I’m concerned.)

The basic stumbling block I’ve got really revolves around integration of images. I’m just. . . not completely happy with what I’ve got, and it’s a real problem, especially since I’m not sure I can really be happy with what the web’s converged on. Like, the generally accepted JS lightbox convention. . . is to my mind a mistake, but it’s what people want, and familiarity trumps most other UI concerns.

Anyway, it doesn’t really matter. I just thought I should, like, update, if only to verify that the pipeline is still working.